Software components

for professionals by professionals

Video capture

VideoCapX allows developers to easily add access to digital video capture cards, scanners, and cameras to their applications.

Video editing

With VideoEditX you can recompress, crop, join, split, etc. video files. Make new videos with transitions. Manage WMV file markers, attributes, scripts.

Image processing

ImageX can read, save, process and edit bitmaps in all major graphic file formats. TWAIN support included.


BarcodeX is a full-featured ActiveX control for generating almost any type of barcode. It can be bound to a data source for use in a database reports.

ZIP compression

Use this ActiveX/COM component to create, compress, decompress files in ZIP archives.

FTP component

Use this ActiveX/COM access files on FTP servers.


Use this lightweight component in your application, scripts, web-apps to easily and reliably send/retrieve e-mail messages using SMTP/IMAP/POP3 protocols.


Secure your application data easily using state-of-the-art AES and public-key encryption.