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image sRoydSmith

I am an experienced developer but am new to VideoCapX. I am trying to build a simple TV application for my 92 year old mother becuase Windows Media Center is way beyond her abilities.

I have been able to make VideoCapX work with my Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950q USB Hybrid TV Stick but am challenged by the TV card in my mother's computer.

Her computer is an HP touchsmart 300 all-in-one computer with an AverMedia A323 MiniCard Hybrid ATSC which is embedded on the motherboard. The computer is running Windows 7 64 bit.

I am developing on Windows XP 32 bit, in VB6. What would be a great help is the series of VideoCapX commands to get a TV picture with sound. So far I have neither a picture or sound and in fact when I connect to the device the device type does not even report as TV tuner.

Thanks, Steve

04/27/2010 12:49

image FathSoft support

Try using "Capturer" VideoCapX sample application. If it can't display a preview it should report some error at least.


Fath Software
04/27/2010 16:42

image sRoydSmith

I have been experimenting and have found that the Capture.exe example application does not produce a picture or sound for the TV.

I have written a small VB6 program and have tried various settings. The program is below with my comments on the results. So far the best I can do is a black screen. Any suggestions on what settings to change or try would be appreciated.

The TV card works just fine with Windows Media Center

Option Explicit
Dim iChan As Integer

Private Sub cmdTryIt_Click()

Dim iDevNo As Integer
Dim iRender As Integer
Dim ret As Integer

' The TV card is device 0; Webcam is 1, webcam works, TV - no picture
iDevNo = Val(Text1.Text)

' Webcam works with VideoRenderer = 3 - GDI
' TV provides black screen with VideoRender=1, MR9 and also when=2, MR7
' With other values the control remains gray - no painting
iRender = Val(Text2.Text)

MsgBox vc.GetVideoDeviceName(iDevNo) ' returns AVerMedia Capture for the TV; HP Webcam for the webcam

vc.Connected = False

vc.VideoDeviceIndex = iDevNo

vc.Connected = True
If vc.Connected = True Then
MsgBox "Connected" ' Seems to always connect OK
MsgBox "Did not connect"
End If

' The following does put date and time on the webcam but not the TV
' Commenting out the code does not make the TV work and differently
vc.UseVideoFilter = vcxBoth
vc.SetTextOverlay 0, "TIME", 0, 0, "Arial", 10, RGB(0, 0, 0), -1
vc.SetTextOverlay 1, "TIME", 1, 1, "Arial", 10, RGB(255, 255, 255), -1
vc.UseDeinterlace = vcxSimple ' Does not seem to help with the black TV problem one way or the other

MsgBox "deviceType=" & vc.DeviceType ' Returns 1

vc.VideoRenderer = iRender
MsgBox ("setCountryCode=" & vc.SetTunerCountryCode(1)) ' Returns 0
MsgBox ("SetTVFormat=" & vc.SetTVFormat(1)) ' Returns 0
MsgBox ("SetTunerInputType=" & vc.SetTunerInputType(1)) ' Returns 1

iChan = 9 ' This channel works just fine in Windows Medea Center so I know there is signal for it
MsgBox ("SetTunerChannel=" & vc.SetTunerChannel(iChan)) ' Returns 0 after a few seconds - seems to be initializing somthing

'vc.UseOverlay = True 'Did not help

vc.PreviewAudio = False ' Keeping it simple. Note there is no audio device to attach to like there is on aHauppauge 950Q so not sure how to get audio with this TV card
vc.Preview = True

' For the TV, at this point the screen goes black.
' The application remains responsive but no picture or sound.
' Changing the channel does not change the black screen.

End Sub

Private Sub cmdDown_Click()

iChan = iChan - 1
vc.SetTunerChannel (iChan)

End Sub

Private Sub cmdup_Click()

iChan = iChan + 1

vc.SetTunerChannel (iChan)

End Sub

04/29/2010 11:28

image FathSoft support

OK. Try this; start preview in Windows Media Center to initialize device. Then, close the preview and WMC.
Start your app with just this four lines of code:
and see if you get the preview.


Fath Software
04/29/2010 14:08

image sRoydSmith

Ok, I did as you said: started up the TV with Windows Media Center then closed it and started my compiled program (below). All I got was the black screen.

What else can I try? Did the DebugMode leave a trace file to look at?


Option Explicit

Private Sub cmdGo_Click()

vc.DebugMode = 1
vc.UseVideoFilter = vcxNo
vc.Connected = True
vc.Preview = True

End Sub

04/30/2010 00:17

image sRoydSmith

By the way, I attempted to get help from the tuner manufacturer with the following post:
I am a Windows software developer. I am attempting to adapt my TV viewing software for use in an HP Touchsmart PC 300. This is an all-in-one computer containing a AverMedia A323 minicard Hybrid ATSC (per device manager). Can you please send me or direct me to documentation which would allow me to adapt my program to this device?

Thanks, Steve

And I got this reply:
Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. USA Office.

Sorry, we do not provide that information as it is confidential. A323 is intended for use with Windows Media Center or 3rd party software.

Customer Care
AVerMedia USA
04/30/2010 00:22

image FathSoft support

You can try DirectShow sample application from Microsoft, AmCap ( ) and see if it works. If not, I'm afraid that device is "locked" somehow.


Fath Software
04/30/2010 04:27
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