Zip-up your application data


FathZIP is a high-performance data compression COM component for Windows developers. It provides your applications with the capability to create and manipulate industry-standard zip files. If you are interested in OCX ZIP control, see our ActiveZIP OCX control, it has all features of FathZIP.

It is a fully compilant COM/ActiveX control you can use in any ActiveX / COM Windows development tools. It includes: Visual Basic, MS Access, MS Visual C++, ASP, Windows scripting, etc.

By using few simple methods you can get info about files in archive, create ZIP archives, compress, extract or remove files from them, make self-extracting archives, read/write archives that span multiple disks, or compress data from/to memory. Everything with optional file encryption.

FathZIP is improved version of our previous product, ActiveZip. It features disk spanning, self-extractor module with windows GUI, COM interface and bigger-then-2Gb archive support.

Now, FathZIP 5.0 supports Zip64 file format for files of unlimited size and AES state-of-the-art ecryption.

Visual Basic example

						'Create zip
						FathZip1.CreateZip "c:\test.zip", ""
						FathZip1.AddFile "c:\folder\*.dat", ""
						FathZip1.AddFile "c:\config.sys", ""

						'Extract files
						FathZip1.OpenZip "c:\test.zip"
						FathZip1.ExtractFile "config.sys"
						FathZip1.RemoveFile 1
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The control is very intuitive, simple and most of all... IT WORKS!

Ken H. (FathZip user)

Download FathZIP 4.7